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Reviewed in Australia on 6 November 2021
I wanted to use this device to act as an aux pass through for a Samsung M7 speaker, only to find this version deleted the 3.5mm port. Ok, I'll use the USB port with a dongle - but no, that port is only for maintenance. Even the brain dead iPhone gives you an alternative! FFS Then I tried to use it to run multiple timers at once for cooking, only to find there is no way to keep the timers on screen. I find that it often misses the verbal "computer" cue unless I exaggerate the pause between computer and whatever command I am giving. Please give us a way to stop it going back to ads and hints and other rubbish. (Yes I know there is a workaround but just allow a simple command to stay on the current screen, be it timers, smart device control or whatever. Also, please for the love of god give us a way to see the list of songs in a Spotify playlist and make choices out of the upcoming songs. Seems to be a great device let down by a crappy interface. On the up side, some of the skills are good, sound seems good and I like the look of the unit. Still deciding whether I should return it or keep it.
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