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Reviewed in Australia on 27 April 2021
I will have to downgrade my rating due to the build quality of the remote. It is flimsy and it creaks as you handle and press buttons. Cheap plastic!

Takes a bit to install and configure but once it is set to go, it is great. I am using it on an 13 yo Sony HD TV and it works great. I can get the most out of my old tv and I am getting great pic quality. Build quality is great and TV remote does what it needs with minimal fuzz.
If you are wondering if it will work on your old, dumb tv, it will as long as you have an HDMI port. I have other smart TVs and compared to their built in counterparts this is great. However if you TV is already a smart TV, you would not get a lot more out of it, unless you are a nerd who likes to install third party apps or go through a VPN.
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