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Reviewed in Australia on 29 October 2020
Once more I put off reading this until I felt ready. That entailed re-reading the 4 Legendary Kingdoms and the 3 Secret Cities to reacquaint myself with this remarkable characters exploits. Sadly, I picked up this novel and only stopped when I had finished it, not tasking the time to enjoy it fully. I suppose that simply means I shall read it thoroughly at a future time. Jack brings out a loyalty in people that they do not relate they possess., and Matthew allows the reader to escape into this world, and for a short time, travel the globe and fight alongside Jack and his team of unsung heroes. To say I enjoyed this book would be an understatement, and while I have no desire to wish my life away, I look forward, eagerly, to the next and final instalment in the life of Jack and his friends. While I know not where the saga shall end, I can only hope that Jack and Zoe, along with the rest of their family, who do so much for no recognition, fame, or riches, get to spend the rest of their time together in peace.
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