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Reviewed in Australia on 13 June 2021
Arrived today and was keen to get it set up. The set up was excruciating - the paid apps were easy eg netflix, amazon prime but it refused to even recognise the free to air channels and the main reason I wanted this was to be able to watch the subscription and free to air channels through an easy to use interface. It took about 3 hours and required me to spend a lot of time looking up troubleshooting other people had done to work out why. In essence the problems were amazon thought I was in a differnet country and so initially wouldn't let me access the freeview apps at all eg abc iview, then once I worked out how to sort my country settings it still said purchase failed time after time even though these are free apps. I managed to work out it was owing to the 1 click setting not being enabled but even that didn't fix it. I ended up having to re-register my account about 5 times, did a factory reset in the end and eventually got everything working as it should but honestly it shouldn't be this hard esp as none of the instructions included suggested that anything like that needed to be done. Hopefully the ease of use makes up for the bad start.
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