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Reviewed in Australia on 14 October 2021
Well it is down to the last installment of the Jack West Jnr series ..... and it does not disappoint.

Picking up where The Two Lost Mountains left speed, as you would expect. How do I review this without spoilers???

Jack West Jnr and his remaining team get to the final puzzle to prevent the collapse of the universe itself, and have to race multiple rivals in an uncompromising and eleborate maze.

Being Matthew Reilly, it is fast, people die and spoilers.....more spoilers.... it is breakneck reading as Jack and Co make their way through ancient labyrinths.

I have loved this series of books which started back in 2005, the year my now 16 year old daughter was born, and helped me get through sleepless nights. Now the final installment helped me with the lockdown in Sydney's South West. So thank you Jack West Jnr, it was a rollercoaster ride and I want a mag-hook.
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