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Reviewed in Australia on 21 December 2021
I didn’t really like Ryen to begin with but as we got deeper into the book that changed. The growth of this character as the story progresses is amazing.

I adore Misha and everything he stands for. He is such a strong, determined and loyal character. I love how even though he is trying find himself and deal with his grief, he still makes it a point to be there for Ryen and stand up for people that can’t or won’t stand up for themselves. I just love him.

These two are literally perfect for each other. They are each other’s tribe. She’s just a lost girl, trying to fit in and he’s a lost boy, who doesn’t care to fit in. Together they compliment each other, especially when Misha finally brings out the true Ryen.

This book is more than just another romance book. It’s about pretending to be something that your not, about trying to fit in and the lengths some of us will go to not be alone. Even if it means, going against everything you are. It’s about self discovery, acceptance and finally finding peace.

The only thing I didn’t like about this book is the use of the derogatory term used towards Manny.
I did struggle to get into the first few chapters, It didn’t suck me in straight away. I also wish I got more answers regarding Misha’s mum.

I definitely recommend this.

Also, to anyone that is or was bullied, please remember, it does get better and you are not alone.
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