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Reviewed in Australia on 3 February 2021
Didn’t think I was going to like this book at first, but it becomes more interesting after the accident. Two families plus two others are in a van heading for some fun in the snow when a stag on the road sends them crashing down the mountain side. The driver father is badly injured. His daughter in front dies and from then on becomes a ghostly fly on the wall reporter on the aftermath. Some good and some bad choices are made. Some truth is fudged. There is guilt and self recrimination as well as bravery and we can’t help but consider what we would do in such a situation. The two marriages are severely tested and the author makes the point that - sadly - it is the people with the least amount of conscience who suffer the least, unburdened by regret. The author has made good choices in her characters and the psychic lines that tie them together. (Or which loosen.)

Other points raised: is one death better than two? What is it okay to do when your own biological instinct to survive is running you, especially if you’re a parent? How would our beloved dead prefer us to react? If you’re in loco parentis, what obligations do you have to the child who is not your own? The author tells us in an afterword that in a similar situation in her young life, her father ran to get help. The remaining father rubbed the hands and feet of his own children but not hers and her brother’s, which led to her brother losing some digits to frostbite, as in this story. An interesting and thought provoking read.
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