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Reviewed in Australia on 8 July 2021
This thing works extremely well for my purposes! I connect a number of devices that are bus-powered and this thing has no problem with the power. I was a bit worried from the negative reviews with people complaining about power issues but obvs these people are trying to connect things that are pulling too much current like a hard drive (or something else with moving parts).

This thing has no issues simultaneously running my Novation Launchkey Midi Controller keyboard and and Roli block and seaboard - all of which which draw current to power bright LED's or charge internal batteries. No issues at all.

Being able to 'power down' or disconnect my Launchkey without unplugging it is a major bonus. The build quality of the switches doesn't feel stellar but for this price i wouldn't expect A-grade switches. If one breaks i'll use a different plug or buy another hub and still be ahead.

Unbeatable value so far.
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