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Reviewed in Australia on 21 July 2021
the product is great , its sturdy easy to put together and priced fantastically I still gave it a 5 as I cant hold it directly against then that the delivery company Hunter was horrible , it was booked for delivery 2 days straight loaded and then was taken back to deport at 5.30pm - 6 pm , when asked hunter customer support was told driver ran out of time , yet when I asked the driver why he literally drove past my house but didnt do the delivery was told I dont get paid to work work past a certain time , Hunter is nearly impossible to get on the phone and when i did get the delivery i only got 1 of the 2 items , and was told oh it be somewhere when we find it ill drop it off , 2 days later i received the rest of my order zero care factor , but when i emailed the actual Artiss that was selling the item they where fantastic and followed up on the delivery delay from hunter
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