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Reviewed in Australia on 16 August 2020
I’m a huge fan of the Throne of glass series so I thought I would give this series a shot and unfortunately found it quite disappointing.

As much as I love Glass of Thrones I will say this about the author, she absolutely loves her stereotypes and cliches. All the fae men are protectors and tough on the outside and soft on the inside and the women are insecure but find their feet - cue eye roll. However, it works in Throne of Glass because the lead character is fantastic. Actually most of the characters are great.

I cannot say the same for this series. Feyre is seriously boring and pathetic. Tamlin is also boring. Lucien seems ok but has no spine. Rhysand is more interesting but also predictable ie tough bad boy who will turn out to have a heart of gold.

I’ve since read the second book and it does improve but it’s never going to be a great series!
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