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Reviewed in Australia on 31 December 2020
I recently purchased the two motor version of the AIMEZO standing desk frame. At the time of writing this, I have used it for only 3 days.

The parts for the frame come nicely packed so there is very little risk of connector prongs being bent during transit, or parts scratching each other. The gray colour is a very light gray reminiscent of that you might find of desks and chairs in your local primary school. Included is all the screws you'll need to build the frame and install your desktop of choice on top (+2 extra screws per size set, Hex key included. You'll need your own phillips head to use the included self-tapping wood screws). There are also rubber washers to pad your desktop on the frame as well as 10 cable tie stickers that you can stick wherever you would like to clean up the cable mess. The monitor on the frame indicates that it can go from 66 cm to 130 cm. The controller has 4 memory presets which are very easy to program on the fly. When the height is set, the motors lock into place so you don't have to worry about your table collapsing if the power cuts out.

I went over-kill and put on an IKEA Ekbacken worktop (104 cm x 186 cm). At this size, it exaggerates the "looseness" in the elevation mechanism - there is noticeable wobble if you lean on the edge of the desk. This isn't surprising since a normal table usually has 4 legs at each corner rather than only 2 in the middle. But the table is sturdy and strong enough to comfortably lift my 2 monitors, bookshelf speakers (4.5 inch drivers), desktop and assortment of books and stuff. The mechanism is both quick and quiet. I'd guess that going from the lowest to highest setting takes about 10 seconds.

For the first days of use, you'll notice the smell of the silicone grease used to lubricant the lifting mechanism. It is faint, but fortunately, it isn't a putrid odour. After 3 days, the smell has largely gone (or perhaps I've gotten used to it). I also installed an IKEA signum cable tray under the desk for neater cable management and to hold a 6 plug powerboard.

Final thoughts: for the $430AUD I paid, I think this is a pretty good frame (though it is the only standing frame I've used). You can use a 104 cm x 186 cm size top if you are okay with the desk wobblying slightly everytime you lean on it (to type, write, relax etc). I'd imagine this is less of an issue if you use more standard desk depths of 60 cm or 80 cm. The dual motors are very smooth, quiet and fast.
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