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Reviewed in Australia on 7 August 2017
So the beginning of this was a bit 'rah rah' motivational for me... with lots about the author's personal scenarios on his farm (there was a fire) and more to do with alpacas and planting trees. Once we got past the metaphorical though, this book got extremely useful, very practical, and it got there fast.
It nails down to scripts to empower you to talk with your bank manager, super-fund manager, insurance brokers etc; and what to look out for in terms of fees and costs on everyday bank accounts/credit cards etc etc. Beating the banker is a key aim, and who doesn't like the idea of that?
It's also got a nice touch of humour which made me giggle in parts.
My hubby was a fan of Scott Pape's newspaper column, though I've never read it. He tells me that used to have a nice line of humour in it too.
So it's a good read in terms of language and style, and it has some excellent information that I intend to follow. I don't think I'm chopping up my credit card as he advocates, but beyond that, the amount you need to retire comfortably, and how superannuation will get you there, was the biggest benefit to me. Oh - and the back of the book - stuff about legacy? That's a great reminder that you can't take the whole lot with you when you fall off your perch.
There's a lot in this book about less is more - and you don't need huge incomes to get started (who knew that people earning more than $70k/year are not necessarily happier than those earning less??), you do need to start saving/growing money now though, or as young as you can as the greatest lever for wealth creation is time. Oh, and there are no boring budgets in this book, although there are definite buckets for your money!
Thank you Scott Pape for sharing such insight and knowledge. I have a feeling it's going to become a bit of a Bible.
p.s. I bought this on Kindle sale... I think that speaks to my financial management ;)
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