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Reviewed in Australia on 1 December 2021
I was first introduced to the Outlander books in 2000. So for 21 years I have read and re-read them MANY times devouring the detail of this wonderful series. From the moment you pick up one of the books the story envelopes you and that is exactly how I found myself now that book 9 has been released. If I had to make a comparison between this book and the previous eight I would have to say that the detail was less complex in regard to her plants and medical uses and her surgical procedures. Sadly, we didn’t get as much Jamie and Claire time as there as now so many beloved characters and each of these are also deserving of lots of time, and this book introduced so many new ones. It also left so so many unanswered questions in terms of the multi plots going on throughout this book with differing characters. Previous books also had more danger and more nail biting moments but I think as the characters have aged they are taking more considered risk and doing less stupid things😂😂
I loved that Roger and Brianna have returned to the Ridge bringing a healthy Mandy. I also loved that Brianna finally got to meet her brother William, who could have a whole new series just on him.
All in all this book was wonderful. I read countless books on my Kindle but this series is the ONLY one I buy in hard copy. I have to read them in book form and savour the goodness of the authors work.
Apparently book 10 is the last one and will take years to finish, so I guess I just keep re-reading all 9 again!
I have watched the TV series however the books are much better, and the characters in my head are way better🥰🥰
Thank you Diana Gabaldon for giving me 21 years of reading joy👍👍
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