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Reviewed in Australia on 17 January 2022
Whilst this is a very well written, researched and structured book, I found it very difficult to read, alternating through feelings of shock, digust and depression, however I had to persist and so must you. The world population has slipped into a coma of fear, complacency and timidity, placing unprecedented trust and power in the hands of people who have far too much vested interest, greed and lust for total and complete control. That this has happened before is a damning indictment of our government, our judiciary and most of all, us, the overwhelming majority of humanity, for letting it happen without as much as a squeak. It is time to wake up, unite and reclaim a world we can live in in shared peace, harmony and joy, not the disgusting , fear-filled and disconnected dystopia designed by these evil self-appointed despots.
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