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Reviewed in Australia on 1 May 2020
We have bought these a few times now. The 540 wipes lasted our family nearly 8 months which was great, and it was only with the COVID19 situation going on that our usage of the wipes went up. (a family friend was going through chemo so we were using these for wiping down surfaces and door handles each day)

The packs they come in are nice and convenient, and the box works well for a family environment. We have 1 packet in the bathroom, 1 in kitchen, 1 at dining table, and the rest are in rooms around the house. I rather like this product as I have birds and am wary about spraying things in the air. This product works really well for wiping down surfaces, or quickly cleaning small sticky hands from the kids.

The package is resealable, but I wouldn't recommend leaving it in a car on a hot day otherwise they may dry out. We had no issues with them drying out when kept in the cupboards in the house though.

Good value, and great product.
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