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Reviewed in Australia on 26 December 2021
I found this a sometimes harrowing story of a holocaust survivor. Eddie has clearly told his story many times before, so that for him the pain had blunted enough that in his 100th year he could commit it to paper.

However in reading it, I had to take into account that we remember moments in time, not in a linear progression, and so it is with this book. Sometimes the time line does not hold together. Sometimes I was left with a feeling that Eddie may have re-written his responses in the light of his later insights. But for all that, it is a very human story about how one man's optimism; his strong will to survive and his amazing resourcefulness helped him to survive unspeakable acts; and how love and gratitude saved him from the bitterness that destroys so many that suffer injustice and brutality.

A good editor may have stripped the book of some of the platitudes such as "Where there is life, there is hope". They grated on me: Eddie's story speaks for itself and every reader will find their own nugget of wisdom that speaks to them without these. However, this is the authentic voice of a wise old man sharing his story, not only of miraculous survival, but of a life well-lived. My only disappointment is that more of the book was spent on the horrors of the holocaust than on Eddie's journey to wisdom and contentment.

I chose the audible version and loved the reading that made it come alive.
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