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Reviewed in Australia on 13 July 2021
The lights worked amazingly but it doesn't connect at all. I've bought two more 5m lights to go around my 16 m room and after two hours of trying to work the extenders that came with it. It didn't event cover half my room without being able to work. The Connectors are so loose and as i tried to place the strip onto the wall, i constantly end up pulling it out slightly from one end resulting in either a colour not working or the lights not working. Yeah maybe this would've been better for a much smaller area but i originally bought these since i thought it said 16 Metres not 16 Feet so i though why not just buy the rest to what i thought was save time and money. This product is garbage and thanks to it i've basically blown all my allowance money. Funny enough the day they arrive and when i watch videos to see where i went wrong with it. A youtuber has a link to a 32.8 feet Light strip that is currently on sale for 41 aud, it'd be perfect and all though it only adds up to 9.7 meters that's still most of the room and guess what.. I CAN'T AFFORD IT SINCE I WASTED 56.97 DOLLARS ON THIS GARBAGE.
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