Customer Review

Reviewed in Australia on 22 October 2021
So much to like about this game.
The movement of Samus is just sublime, it makes exploring the huge maps a pleasure. I found myself wanting to explore every inch of each map/area, while using the map to plan out the best path to take. This was especially important when going through the EMMI areas, which has brought a whole new level of excitement to Medroid. The sound effects and music sound incredible when played with good headphones. The level design and the visuals blew me away and was so much more than I was expecting. You really do get drawn into the game and feel like you are apart of it. I especially liked the areas with water, looked incredible. Lots of varied boss fights that are very challenging and rewarding and make you use every ability you have collected along the way. If you’ve played a Metroid game before or like this genre then you will love this game. The best game I have played in a while 10/10
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