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Reviewed in Australia on 25 July 2020
bought this to see if Ring would be a worthwhile ecosystem ... sadly the answer is no.
the hardware is nice enough, but the battery life is terrible, so you end up getting a solar panel which even when installed that app still suggests you get a solar panel! that's just one example of how clunky the software is.
detection on the camera is very badly thought out... the 'zones' are good but as you have no depth control there's multiple false alarms (to the point where I've turned off notifications). the 'people detection' is slow and unreliable and seems to think cats and cars are people, but people... aren't!
because everything is tied back to the cloud the response time is poor - alerts turn up long after our dog has told us there's someone at the door - and you're tied to an expensive subscription to get more than the most basic of functionality.
Alexa/FireTV integration doesn't work as expected... connecting an Alexa to a FireTV (in the same room) still doesn't let me watch the Ring on the TV
overall badly implemented, poorly integrated, and not something Amazon should be proud of putting their name on.,
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