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Reviewed in Australia on 21 October 2020
I only use Amazon to purchase e-gift cards for clients.
What I have learnt is that you need to check what country Amazon you are logged into before purchasing!!
It's all a wee bit confusing, to begin with, if you are unaware. For example, if you are logged into and send a gift to someone in the UK or US, they will not be able to use the gift card.
It's a shame it works like that but once you are aware I guess it's easy enough to manage.
Another thing to note is the login details are the same for all the different websites which got me in a fit of confusing rage haha. I thought I was being clever having separate passwords to help remind me what country to log into however you just have the 1 login, this even includes Audible!
Apparently, there are 14 international Amazon sites so I guess just make sure what site you are on first before purchasing anything!!!
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