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Reviewed in Australia on 25 August 2021
Having heard that Colleen Hoover delivers some very emotional works, when I needed to use the letter V for a book challenge, this one seemed like as good a place as any to start.

Honeslty. I have no words.

In the beggining I was sceptical. Mainly because Colleen used a word that meant an alcoholic beverage to describe someone eyes matching their tie without actually giving the colour. When I read that my hope for her hype plumted.

This isn't a romance, and when I realised it wasn't, my expectation changed.

When that happened, I was able to sink myself in this book. My emotions ran high. There were times I was disgusted in what had happened, there were moments I swooned, and moments I had to put my kindle down. Time when I thought I knew exactly how it would end.

I will neither confirm or deny my suspicions, though I wasn't entirely off the mark. That in itself shows that reading Colleen Hoover was worth it. That this book was worth taking the time for.
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