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Reviewed in Australia on 30 October 2020
This is a terrible book. For one thing, don't read this if you are a Scot. Barnes describes life in the Gorbals and calls it 'Scotland'. He talks about getting into fights all the time and says that's what 'Scots' do. In the book he describes what a horrible person he was and how he beat people up for fun. Yet he's written a book about it, broadcasting it to the world! Why? Is he really so proud of it?
Also, there were parts that just didn't add up. He keeps talking about how poor they were, 'below the poverty line'. Yet if his father was a British boxing champion, he must have got around the country. And Barnes says his stepfather taught him to drive 'in an almost brand new Corolla'. Then the family's best friends, that theyviisited all the time, had a swimming pool. And the father was able to drink himmself unconscious, yet still have money in his pocket, money that his son could steal, and he didn't even miss it. I did not enjoy the book at all. One morning while I was reading it, Barnes appeared on ';Sunrise'. I switched the TV off. The book is not a good advertisement for him.
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