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Reviewed in Australia on 27 April 2022
I did not expect to love this little thing, but I do. I was devastated when my 12yr old Sony Dream Machine with the 7” screen died. The choice was go with a Google Nest or Amazon Echo. Amazon had a good sale on the Echo 5 so it won and I’m pleasantly surprised.

I did read all the reviews and was concerned about the recognition issues but I don’t find any. I can call “Alexa” from across my dark bedroom and it lights up the way to bed.

After turning off the lights her screen darkens within seconds to show my customised clock settings which aren’t bright, basically a black screen with large digital clock in red numbers.

Playing music is easy and usually plays the right specific track asked for. Sound quality is better than my previous machine and no preloading files necessary. So sweet! Same with my streaming channels.

The alarm can be set to specific days which is great as I work regular shifts part time so no more turning it on and off depending on days.

I’ve synced my iOS calendar to it so it tells me what appointments I have for the day. So no more forgotten appointments.

So overall pretty happy, I’ll probably buy a larger version later for my bedroom and shift this one to the kitchen when I do.
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