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Reviewed in Australia on 10 December 2018
Hardware is good, software needs work. Should feel like an easy conversation you could have with a human, but feels exactly like what you’d expect; talking to a robot with limited capacity to make logical jumps. It’s impossible to have a conversation with it because it doesn’t realise it can take information from the last question to answer the next like, how “big is the sun?” and then “when will it burn out?”. And you can’t ask it to do multiple things at once like, “turn off the living room light and turn on the kitchen light” so it’s constantly “Alexa, this” and “Alexa, that”. It’s hard work and it shouldn’t be. Also, I don’t know if it’s our Australian accents, but she “doesn’t understand” or “can’t find” a fair bit and tbh right now it’s easier to just open my phone and do it myself. The whole point of these smart devices is to make your life easier and it’s kinda just more frustrating. Considering how many of these things Amazon is flogging and how much money Amazon makes every second of every day, I feel like they could do much much better if they cared more about improving the product than on flogging more of them. Maybe it’s because their shop doesn’t make them as much money as their web services. 🤷🏻‍♀️
To be fair, Amazon has Google beat when it comes to connectivity of compatible devices, but that’s only because they’ve been at it longer. And outside America, I’m not sure that’s enough.
Can’t comment on its “order more” function because I’d rather spend my grocery money locally than with a huge foreign company with a questionable track record regarding treatment of employees and a growing market monopoly not quite leashed by it’s barely there adherence to anti trust laws regarding consumer welfare. None of which stopped this hypocrite from buying stuff from Amazon during their Black Friday specials, a sale we don’t even have in Australia, following a holiday we don’t even celebrate in Australia. Damn, I disgust myself. *ahem* 😂 sorry, my woke got away from me.
Moving on, unless Amazon starts improving the AI by leaps and bounds in the next year or so we might have to just keep the Echo in the bedroom where it’s only basic commands like music weather and lights and get rid of the Dot in the living room and replace it with a Google Home.
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