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Reviewed in Australia on 1 November 2020
But unless you are connecting low powered devices, you will not be able to use all ports. I bought this product happily, thinking I could connect two external drives, a wired keyboard, and a notebook stand with fans (low powered). When connected, the external drives were not displayed by the system. There was nothing in the product details to suggest this (although I did find an Amazon review later that related the same issue). I contacted the geniuses at Sabrent, who first suggested my devices were too lower-powered and weren't being detected! (A flukish event) after restarting the notebook led me to investigate on my own, and by leaving only one device attached (yes one - why even buy it), I found the single external drive could be detected. Oh, then the same geniuses at Sabrent told me it was because I connected high-powered devices. The upshot - one external drive and maybe (yes maybe ) a wired keyboard - so you work it out; do you really want to waste your money as I did?
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