Customer Review

Reviewed in Australia on 13 May 2022
Really don’t know why I bought this. The sound is reasonable quality and you can listen to Amazon music and see Amazon video content but I can already do that on my phone or iPad and you still need either a smart phone or tablet of some kind to set up the Echo. It’s really an echo of an existing device on your wifi network hence the name. Could be good at allowing extra people access to content. It also does work with Google and YouTube quite well. I largely bought this to connect to a wifi security camera and it doesn’t actually do that despite the camera listed on Amazon Prime as an Amazon Alexa operable device but the Echo will not discover the camera so so I need this device ? Probably redundant given I have smart phone and iPad that can do everything this can do but better. A cheap way to give others in your home access to various things like your Amazon video, music and check weather, ask stupid questions and even does Google searched and other things if you have it set up with the App on a device or devices.
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