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Reviewed in Australia on 24 October 2018
I've been looking at 'smart' watches for a while...I am invested in the Google ecosystem but in my opinion the Wear OS options try to be all things to all people and end up over promising and not delivering. So I have been seeking a hybrid option that does the basics really well and is largely platform neutral (i.e. Google vs Apple vs Microsoft vs Samsung).

What are the basics? It shows the time, looks nice, provides core health measurements and the app is elegant and simple. How? I am an average guy - I want to be healthier - but I will not be performing a triathlon anytime soon... So.....I do not need a device designed by NASA; I need a device that is robust, reliable and simple to use. It needs to present info to me so I can make my own decisions and not drown me with useless data.

The battery life is excellent.

My experience has been so good I purchased a Withings Body + Scale too.

If the next generation somehow included Google Wallet & Google Play I'd buy Withings gear for a long time into the future. Great product - recommended.
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