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Reviewed in Australia on 10 October 2018
The reason for reading this book attracted me because Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman starred in a movie version and I love the acting qualities of both women. I did enjoy the way the plot unfolded and the reader was kept in the dark almost to the end as to who died. I agree that the right person died. Moriarty adeptly described the immaturity of the mothers of the children in not nipping the bullying in the bud, especially in such young children. She also efficiently described the hidden lies behind domestic violence. However, some of her descriptions were trite such as describing one married couple as "loved up". I cringe at that phrase even though the phrase was part of the lie. Another example was her over-emphasis in describing the way the rich and powerful flaunted their money, such as one character hiring his Elvis outfit for the trivia night from overseas at an exorbitant price and insisting that his wife wear a necklace to the event, again purchased from overseas, which would have cost an average family one year's groceries. Overall the book was well written.
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