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Reviewed in Australia on 19 October 2019
Terrible experience. Treadmill was dead on arrival. Supplier asked me to make a video on what the problem was ( A video!!! AND upload it to their Dropbox) then they determined it had a bad computer, so then I had to wait 4 weeks!!!! 4 frikken weeks for the part, then they wanted me to install said part, so I had to pull apart the treadmill, oh and to top it off they sent me an instructional video on how to change the part, the video was of a completely different model. What if I was a 60yo grandma and no tech sense. Treadmill is made of cheap plastic and squeaks and creaks, get what you pay for. But in my case i had my money AND time wasted. DO NOT BUY if you do I hope to Jesus Christ it works.
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