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Reviewed in Australia on 16 July 2016
(This review was originally published August 25, 2014 on my husbands Amazon account)
This has everything I love in a book! Real characters, great plot, humour, suspense and fabulous writing.
Although you know right from the opening paragraphs that something dreadful has happened in Pirriwee, Australia this compelling story in true Liane Moriarty fashion keeps you guessing. Tragic yet hilarious, so much more than a murder mystery this novel kept me reading well into the night. The protagonists Jane, Maddie and Celeste are all mothers of children at Pirriwee Public School, all very different but drawn together by events at school. Jane is the single parent, new to the area, while Celeste is the happily married one, wealthy and beautiful, the envy of all the other Mums and Maddie is the lively one, having problems with her teenage daughter from a previous marriage. In Big Little Lies, the little lies we tell ourselves and others -- sometimes to disguise the big ones -- blow up into murder and mayhem at the P&C Trivia Night. Though we know someone has died from the beginning of the novel, we don't find out who it is till the end, as we go back through the histories of the participants to uncover the nagging jealousies and seething problems that led to the fatal moment. The scene is set, disaster has struck, but to find out exactly what the author takes us back to the start of the school year to tell us the whole story. The characters and their relationships are all very realistic and sadly totally believable. I say sadly as these are everyday situations that you are going to Recognise as they feel very real. Nobody's life is quite as it seems and as we are taken behind the scenes of the characters relationships with their partners and families you are pulled into the complicated web of deceit.
Another Moriarty gem - entertaining and compelling read, which gains pace as the dreadful facts emerge.
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