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Reviewed in Australia on 11 June 2021
The Maidens was one of my most anticipated reads for 2021 after loving The Silent Patient so much. I had heard mixed reviews but I was going to make up my own mind. A psychological thriller, a murder mystery and so much more. I have never read anything quite like it to be honest and the ending still has me reeling.

What is it about? Not going to say too much as I am sure everybody knows all about it by now. Mariana is a psychoanalyst who is still grieving the death of her husband. Her niece, Zoe, calls her from her former college of Cambridge and tells her that her best friend, Tara has been murdered. Mariana drops everything to be there for Zoe. Going back to Cambridge is hard for her, it is where she met her husband and there are memories everywhere. She promises Zoe that she will help find who killed her friend. A suspect is arrested but then another young girl is killed, opening up the suspect pool again. The 2 murdered girls were both Maiden's, a group of handpicked female students who study with the very handsome and charismatic Professor Fosca and Marianna's attention is focused on him.

This is a really atmospheric book and is written so well. I felt like I was walking the grounds of Cambridge with the characters. There is alot of talk about Greek Mythology which at times did lose me but for the most part it made sense to me. I loved the tie in with The Silent Patient as well.

It is a slow burn but one that kept me intrigued right until the very end.
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