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Reviewed in Australia on 28 January 2020
I am still getting used to the new version, after having used and loved the former for many years. Finally the old one had become too temperamental about downloading new content. I find a lot of the new Kindle is quite intuitive and very pleasant to use. I think I prefer the old version for how it removed titles and books from the device. The new version seems a little messy in the home page appearance and manner, but no doubt with more experimenting and use I will get used to it. It is not so easy to go to unread or partially read books purchased months beforehand. I like to have a number of reads on the go at the same time. The touch screen works very well and turns the pages almost instantly. I also like the new keyboard very much. It's very easy to use. The built in light is a joy to use and page turning easy, although I am not so sure it would be so easy for a left hander to read with just the one hand. As yet I have not had to recharge, but it appears that the battery life is going to be a little shorter than the old one. Still very good though. A very nice feature is the sleep-wake function when using the dedicated Kindle cover. I would highly recommend adding this cover to any purchase. With dirt-proofing and waterproofing I am hoping this cover lasts as long as the leather one on the old device.
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