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Reviewed in Australia on 24 October 2021
I really liked the storyline in this take on Beauty and the Beast, but I am conflicted. I am all for the broody hero, though we find he is more layered as the story continues. Our heroine is tough without being invulnerable and I am curious to learn more about her repressed animal, though I have my suspicions.
I'm not generally a prude but the graphic, in-your-face language and scenarios, particularly the Hadriel character, seemed overly aggressive and killed the romance element for me at times. The regular use of the c bomb is a huge turn off for me and the sudden urge the characters seemed to have to talk dirty in the middle of other issues was a bit jolting.
With that said, if you can look past the list interludes, there was action, adventure and world building that make me want to search up the second installment to see what happens next.
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