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Reviewed in Australia on 9 December 2021
It came faster than expected which was nice.
then came the time for me to try put them up, the beginning was alright but the only information given was this tiny double sided panphlet that hardly went into detail about what or what not to do. I ended up cutting the wrong join which was my first set back. Then cut the correct join and proceeded to try reconnect it through one of the reconection adapters provided and to no avail. Then suddenly the plug stopped working too and I was left with about a meter of lights that were connected (but dead) and 4 leftover meters of something I couldn't fix even after multiple youtube tutorials. So kinda dissapointed
(also my package had a funny smell, I can't describe it but it's definantly chemically and headache inducing.)
I would reccomend this product to someone who really knows what they're doing or isn't afraid to throw money away.
(adhesion was strong tho, ripped off my paint as I pulled them down)
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