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Reviewed in Australia on 20 July 2020
This treadmill is extremely well built and easy to assemble (although I strongly suggest you get someone to help).
There are a wide variety of pre-programmed options that cover everything from a gentle walk to 'full-on' hi impact runs (not ready for these yet). The screen is very clear to read, the water bottle holders work as advertised and there is good space to hold your phone or laptop. The inbuilt speakers are are little weak but do work. This is one area that could do with improvement. The connectivity is a USB device with MP3 tracks or an audio cable. As devices move to Bluetooth only this may be an issue in the future. Moving the treadmill around can be a little tricky on the small wheels especially on carpet but with a bit of effort we managed it. The manual is another weak point as it doesn't cover the audio features at all and looks a bit lifeless.

Overall I highly recommend the treadmill and it has already helped me lose several Kgs in the first few weeks of regular exercise. I also recommend getting the associated equipment mat as it will protect your floor from the impact of the wheels.
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