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Reviewed in Australia on 28 June 2021
Great way to add smarts to a not-so-smart TV and watch NetFlix on the big screen without using a laptop computer. Works really well and is easy to set up. It plugs into an HDMI socket which every brand of TV we have (and also my computer monitor) has. It needs power, which is supplied with a USB cable and a USB power supply that come with the Fire TV Stick, but since all our different brands of TV have a USB port we have found that the Fire TV Stick works perfectly with the supplied USB cable plugged into the USB ports in the back of the TV which are right next to the HDMI ports. The Fire TV Stick can be linked to our Amazon Echo Dots, but this can be a bit of a nuisance as the Echo Dot tries to retrieve stuff from the Fire TV Stick to play some things like Ambient Noise. These are just very minor glitches that can be ironed out. Our TV is not 4K, so I can't comment on the picture quality, and with my eyesight, if I needed higher definition I could sit closer to the TV:-) Having just bought the Fire TV Stick, I am impressed enough with it to have bought another one. As with any voice recognition, what you say and what you get often differ and the main issue is more that you have to know what commands work and what will not. Alexa is definitely useful, but don't expect 'Hey Alexa, turn on both lights in the kitchen, set the kettle to boil and for gods sake turn that damn tv down, Oh, and shut the garage door while you are at it' to work.


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