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Reviewed in Australia on 18 January 2022
When I purchased this item, I wanted something cheap and useful therefore I bought this. Three days later after it arrived it came packaged in a weird smelling cardboard box, but I didn't care about that. When I unboxed it, it came folded instead of rolled like my current mouse pad did. It also had an awful rubbery smell which I tried to wash out but it really didn't do much, so I decided to cope with it and place it on my desk, but when I placed it on my desk it had these weird creases which made it feel abnormal to move my mouse on but I didn't really care about it. The 1mm thickness is also not worth it, for $10 I could've gotten something for a better value on TaoBao and after 3 months of using this product it started to tear apart and make the product feel horrendous to use.
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