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Reviewed in Australia on 7 June 2018
The Tattooist of Auschwitz was written well, it’s an important story to tell, document and was interesting, but was it a good book ?
Not really, I didn’t enjoy it.

I’m nearly 60 and all my life I have heard about, seen on documentaries and read about the holocaust of WW2. I’m afraid to say, I’m almost immuned from feeling anything about this period in our history. Especially as programs like Hogan Heroes are still on free to air TV. But sometimes, I read an article or see something on TV that catches my attention.

The Narrow Road to the Deep North was something that stopped me in my tracks. My God Father, (Lloyd) was a captive in Changi during W2 and he would tell me stories of what happened to him in Changi when I was a child. The stories were no doubt modified for my sake but The Narrow Road to the Deep North was disturbing. I couldn’t bare to think about Lloyd and what he experienced.

And now the Tattooist of Auschwitz has again affected my immunization. Heather Morris has done well to portray the events of the Tatowierer. The death and torture of people is so brutal it’s hard to believe it happened. The discrimination is shocking and the disregard to fellow humans reads like fictional movie. But it is true and the Tatowierer lived in Melbourne. That’s remarkable and it’s hard to believe he and his brave wife could sleep at night.

I did recommend the Tattooist of Auschwitz to a friend and she has read it.

Malcolm Brown
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