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Reviewed in Australia on 22 August 2021
My old laptop says it has a HD camera but it's got nothing on this unit. I really is superior. First it's the image quality, second, the microphones work really well too, so sound quality is great (I recorded a zoom meeting, my sound was finalistic!). it also has a kind of fine ring light, led strips either side of the lens, these work too as fill light boosting the performance. Finally it's flexible. I've been using it on top of my BENQ monitor, but that's reasonably big so I have also been using the camera on the telescopic table tripod that it came with too. This allows me to create a different point of view of my 'space' depending on what I want to allow others to see. All in all, with 3 weeks of use, I'm a very satisfied user. I can't speak to value for money, all I can say is that in most group meetings, most other peoples cameras are a blur compared to this ones great image and sound.
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